Question 26 Rock has a response to stress similar to that of taffy. Crust that is close to the surface and cooler is more likely to be brittle and to break when stressed. Increase the pressure, however, and the rock will heat up, becoming ductile. Under heat and pressure, it will change its shape rather than break. Both brittle and ductile responses to stress are evident in  jointing. mountain ranges. seafloor spreading. stream flow.Question 27 Anticlines are ________________________?  folds with the oldest rocks in the middle folds whose LIMBS dip away from the axial plane upfolded or arched rocks all of the other answersQuestion 28 _____________ are bends in the rock strata and generally represent the ductile response of rock strata to compression within the earth’s crust. Joints Normal faults Folds Reverse faultsQuestion 29 Earthquakes are consistently ___A____ at ocean ridges. At ocean trenches earthquakes get increasingly ___B____ in the direction that the subducting plate is moving. The earthquakes near to surface can be ___C____, while those at depth tend to be ___D____ A. shallow and relatively small; B. deep ; C. very large; D. very small. A. shallow and relatively small ; B. large; C. small; D. very large A. deep and relatively large; B. large; C. small; D. very large A. deep and relatively large; B. small; C. large; D. very dangeorusQuestion 30  How many of the world’s largest earthquakes occur around the Ring of Fire?  81 % 90 % 92% 85%Question 31  Earthquakes produce 3 types of waves. Which of the following describes a P-WAVE?  travels through the Earth’s interior & can move through solids. liquids and gases travels through the Earth’s interior, but only thorugh solids travels only along the Earth’s surface, complex motion, very destructive can only travel along the Earth’s surfaceQuestion 32 Which of the following is NOT a major earthquake zone?  the Mediterranean Sea east through the Himalayas the mid-ocean ridge systemWest Texas the circum-Pacific “ring of fire”Question 33 The FOCUS of an earthquake is ________________?  where the initial displacement along a fault occurs the area on the surface where the shaking is greatest the area where all the human deaths occur 10 feet below the surface of the groundQuestion 34 The following seismic waves are used to locate earthquake epicenters: s surface waves and P waves. Rayleigh waves and P waves. P waves and S waves. surface waves and S waves.Question 35 Which of the following seismic waves is the last to arrive at a seismic station?  Love wave P wave S wave body waveQuestion 36  In the rock deformation process, how is shear force described?  A pulling apart deforming an object. Compression like using a trash compactor. Strain as evidenced in all land forms A tearing force like tearing paper.

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