Question 24 Which of the following describes the mechanical weathering process called THERMAL EXPANSION?  alternate freezing and thawing of water in cracks and fractures in the rock disintegration resulting from plants and animals alternate expansion and contraction of rocks due to heating and cooling rounded exfoliation of igneous and metamorphic rocksQuestion 25 Wide valleys are characteristic of mature streams. They display ______________ broad floodplains and many meander bends broad floodplains and vigorous downcutting meanders and rapids many rapids and waterfallsQuestion 26 Which of the following factors does NOT affect a stream’s velocity?  gradient channel size magnetic field the size of sediments on the stream bed channel geometry ( in different parts of the channel the stream velocity are different)question 27Question 28The imaginary line that separates two stream drainage basins is called _________.  a dashed line a boundary line a divide a line of hillsQuestion 29  Most fresh water is found in __________________________. frozen form as glaciers swimming pools lakes and riversunderground as groundwaterQuestion 30 A _______1.________ is an area of land adjacent to a stream or river prone to flooding._______2.__________typically flood when the nearby river or stream surpasses its flood stage._____2.___________ are usually flat areas with  higher elevation on both sides.1. oxbow lake, 2. oxbow lakes 1. wet house, 2. wet houses 1. levee, 2. mouthbar 1. floodplain, 2. floodplainsQuestion 31 Alluvial fans form ____________________.  where a high-gradient stream (stream with a steep slope) leaves a narrow valley where a stream gradient changes from steep to flatwhere there are hills or mountains all of the other answersQuestion 32  Which of the followings is NOT a tributary contributing to the Mississippi River System (or the Mississippi drainage basin)?  Canadian River Alabama River Ohio River Tennesse River Platte RiverQuestion 33  In meandering streams, point bars form _____________________.  on the cutbank side of the meander, where stream velocity is highest on the inside edge of the meander, where stream velocity is highest on the cutbank side of the meander, where stream velocity is lowest on the inside edge of the meander, where stream velocity is lowestQuestion 34 Meanders are a feature of _____1.______. As rivers age they develop ______2.______ meanders. Eventually, meanders become so exaggerated that the curve is abandoned and _____3._______ is formed.  1. old age; 2. more and more exaggerated; 3. an oxbow lake 1. beauty; 2. water falls; 3. a dry river 1. rivers youthful nature; 2. less; 3. a dry lake 1. geology; 2. dangerous; 3. a beachQuestion 35 If we compare a youthful stream with a graded river, we notice which of the following differences?[choose two correct answers]Youthful streams commonly have waterfalls but graded rivers do not. Graded rivers commonly have waterfalls but youthful streams do not. Graded rivers have steep gradients, whereas the youthful rivers have smooth concave profile decreasing in angle and gradienttowards the mouth Youthful streams that are actively down-cutting their channels tend to be relatively straight and are typically ungraded, compared to a graded river which has a graded profileQuestion 36 A “drainage basin” is _______________________.  a pot to catch rain the runs off the roof the area drained only by a major river always roundthe area drained by a stream and its tributaries

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