hello I uploaded the slides and the question paper as well.  you just need to read slides and find the answers.You should also visit this NASA link: Climate Change: How Do We Know?https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/im posting more detail here so it will be useful to complete the assignment Please find below Assignment 5 (due Mar 20 by 11:59 PM). This assignment is based on study materials assigned for weeks 9-10 (climate change, ozone loss, MB Climate and Green Plan, industrial ecology, and scientific assessment of plastic pollution).Once you have finished answering the questions, rename the file following this convention:Assignment 5 [your name] [your ID].For example, if your name was Tyler Miller and ID was 3055648, you would name the file as:
hello I uploaded the slides and the question paper as well. you just need to read slides and find the answers. You should also visit this NASA link: Climate Change: How Do We Know?https://climate.na
Assignment 5Total marks = 50 Part A (40): Part B (10): Total: Name (full name): Student ID: Failure to write full name and ID will result in a 2% penalty on the marks obtained. PART A (Climate Change and Ozone Loss; MB Climate and Green Plan) Answer the questions below. For multiple choice questions, please make the chosen answer (the entire sentence) BOLD or underlined. 1. A warmer arctic would mean: [1] a. Ice and snow would melt b. Vast quantities of methane would be released c. Bacterial decomposition of organic matter would begin d. All of the above 2. Core ice data indicates that before a new ice age begins, the current interglacial period could last for another: [1] a. 10,000 years b. 12,000 years c. 15,000 years d. 25,000 years 3. According to the IPCC terminology, a very likely event corresponds to a probability of occurrence of: [1] a. 70%-80% b. 75%-85% c. 80%-90% d. 90%-99% 4. Which one of the following GHGs has the greatest relative warming potential? [1] a. CO2 b. N2O c. CCl4 d. Halons 5. Globally speaking, which of the following is responsible for the largest amount of CO2 release? [1] a. Agriculture b. Transportation c. Stationary combustion d. None of the above 6. China is presently the largest emitter of CO2. It is responsible for what percent of the world’s cumulative emission? [1] a. 37% b. 21% c. 15% d. 5% 7. In the last 100 years, the world’s average sea level has increased by about 4-8 inches due to: [1] a. Melting of sea ice b. Global warming c. Both (a) and (b) d. None of the above 8. Which of the following parts of the world has the lowest albedo? [1] a. Clouds b. Grasslands c. Bare sand d. Ice covered lakes 9. Climate change can lead to: [1] a. Loss of habitats b. Beach erosion c. Spread of tropical diseases to temperate areas d. All of the above 10. Manitoba’s Climate and Green Plan sets out a number of pillars as its integrated focus that include: [1] a. Climate b. Water c. Jobs d. all of the above e. (a) and (b) only Earth’s past temperature and climate changes are estimated by analysis of: [1] radioisotopes in rocks ice cores extracted from glaciers and ice caps pollen from lake bottoms and bogs all of the above Because of the impact of natural heating and cooling, the Earth’s average surface temperature is about: [1] 10 degrees Celsius 15 degrees Celsius 20 degrees Celsius 21.5 degrees Celsius What do the following acronyms stand for? [0.5×2=1] GCM: b. ODC: Global warming can cause large amounts of methane to be released from bogs, wetlands and permafrost regions. This is an example of: [1] negative feedback loop positive feedback loop carbon neutral loop none of the above Some chemicals found in ozone depleting substances that act as catalysts include: [1] Chlorine Bromine Both (a) and (b) none of the above 16. The keystones of the climate pillar include: [1] a. Innovation and cleantech b. Adaptation c. Conservation d. All of the above 17. Carbon pricing may include: [1] a. Added levy on fuel b. A cap and trade system c. both (a) and (b) d. None of the above 18. If a person drove 2,250 kilometers during a road trip in summer, approximately how much CO2 would have been emitted as result? [1] a. 1.5 tonnes b. 2.0 tonnes c. 1.0 tonne d. 0.5 tonne 19. If Manitoba had chosen to rely on thermal generation of electricity, its overall carbon emission would have been: [1] a. 21 MT b. 42 MT c. 33 MT d. none of the above 20. Which of the provinces has a hybrid system for curbing carbon emissions? [1] a. Alberta b. British Columbia c. Ontario d. Quebec 21. Demand-side management (of energy consumption) would include: [1] a. Reducing consumption of fossil fuel b. Improving energy efficiency for economic sectors c. Using more renewable energy d. All of the above 22. Manitoba wanted to set its carbon price to: [1] a. $10 per tonne b. $20 per tonne c. $25 per tonne d. None of the above 23. When will the national review on climate policies and carbon pricing take place? [1] a. in 2020 b. in 2022 c. in 2025 d. none of the above 24. In the Made-in-Manitoba plan, how much emission reduction is expected from retrofitting heavy-duty trucks? [1] a. 400 Kt b. 300 Kt c. 150 Kt d. 100 Kt 25. Output based pricing will be applied to large industrial emitters in Manitoba. This will be based on: [1] a. Pre-set amount of emissions per year b. designated emission intensity performance standard c. both (a) and (b) d. None of the above 26. Stable ecosystems exhibit features that can be emulated in industrial ecosystems such as: [1] a. a state of minimum entropy production b. high degree of material recycling c. both (a) and (b) d. None of the above 27. An important output of the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro was: [1] a. Our Common Future b. 7-Golden Rules of Sustainable Development c. Agenda 21 d. All of the above 28. What is the study of industrial systems that operate more like natural ecosystems called? [1] The main tools necessary for implementing sustainable development include: [1] a. Information technology b. Industrial ecology c. Cleaner production d. All of the above 30. One way to deal with market barriers to adopting IE principles is to: [1] a. Invest in research and innovation b. Set up an information clearing house or exchange c. Remove barriers to cross-border trade d. All of the above 31. Which North American financial exchange allow trading of scrap metals? [1] 32. More flexible command and control type regulation might: [1] a. improve environmental quality more cost effectively b. promote more reuse and material recovery c. both (a) and (b) d. None of the above 33. Key attributes of eco-industrial park include: [1] a. clustering in close physical proximity b. minimizing energy and material waste c. bartering and external sales of waste d. All of the above 34. Design rules consistent with the notion of industrial ecology include: [1] a. Close material loops b. Use energy cascades c. Enhance system metabolism d. All of the above 35. Legislations and incentives to encourage EIP in Canada would support the notion that: [1] a. process redesign should take priority over trading toxins b. private sector should be responsible for financing all infrastructure cost c. both (a) and (b) d. None of the above 36. In the Denmark EIP example of IE, which one(s) of the following were reused within the industrial complex? [1] a. Gas b. Steam c. Heat d. All of the above 37. Which by-product is used in the production of liquid fertilizer in the Kalundborg EIP? [1] a. sulphuric acid b. liquid slurry c. ammonium thiosulphate d. Calcium phosphate 38. Criteria for enhancing symbiosis among participating industries in an EIP include: [1] a. environmental awareness b. technical assistance through CP/IP experts c. both (a) and (b) d. None of the above 39. Elements that are important determinants of the success of any EIP project include: [1] a. substantial infrastructure investment b. information sharing among members c. synergies are identified during the planning stage d. All of the above 40. One of the benefits of building a common effluent treatment plant is that: [1] a. it provides information on possible links between processes b. it helps to reduce emission of harmful gases and particulate matter close to zero c. it helps to increase the diversion rate of solid waste d. All of the above PART B (Plastics Pollution Science Assessment) More research on plastics is needed to understand: [1] The effect of macroplastics on human health The ecotoxicological effects of micro-plastics Both (a) and (b) None of the above Recent reviews by WHO and other agencies indicate a low concern for human health from chemicals present on microplastics from food or water. [1] True False To date, studies done on the health effects of microplastics on humans and animals is inconclusive. [1] False True The most abundant types of microplastics found in water globally is called ___________. [1] Of the total amount of plastic waste generated in Canada, approximately what percent is incinerated? [1] 9% 1% 4% None of the above Macroplastic is defined as plastic particles greater than or equal to 5 mm in size. [1] True False One of the key research themes of CAPSA is “plastic design and alternative.” Based on online research, write a short note on how R&D in this area can help reduce plastic waste and pollution. [4]

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