Can you please help me complete this assignment
Can you please help me complete this assignment
1 GEOL 1101 Lab Final Project Worth: 10% of final course grade Due Date: Thursday, December 9, 2021 by 5:00 PM (late submissions will not be accepted!) Submission: Upload typed documents, scanned images, or clear photographs of all your work to the “Lab Final Project” assignment drop box on Blackboard. Type your written answers to summary questions 1 -8 into a Word document (answers to the bonus questions should also be included in this document if you choose to answer them). It is your responsibility to ensure that your submitted work is legible. If your instructor cannot read your work, they cannot mark it! Required materials: ● Pencils, eraser, coloured pencils ● Blac k pen, red pen ● Ruler ● Protractor ● Spare blank paper ● Computer Academic integrity: Students are expected to complete this exercise individually. As a result, students are expected to work without consulting anyone else and the work that each student submits will be their own and not anyone else’s. Any student suspected of academic misconduct on this project will face consequences that may include receiving a zero on the project, failing the lab component, or failing the course. Questions: Please contact your lab instructor with any questions about this final project. Please bear in mind, however, that just like while writing a final exam, your instructor may not be able to answer all of your questions. PART 1 (20 points) On a spare piec e of white paper, draw the outline of a block model using the shape of the other models in your lab manual as a guide. On your blank block model, draw the geology to match the following legend and description: 2 Complete your block model by drawing the f ollowing geological structures on the plan view (top) and all four sides of your block model: ● All map units are folded into an anticline with limbs dipping 30° towards the east and 30° towards the west ● The anticline is cut by a right -lateral strike -slip fa ult that runs east -to-west and dips 70° towards the north Recall that on a block model, the top surface represents the plan view of the surface as seen from a “birds -eye view”. The four sides of the block model represent four cross -sections down into the Earth. The sides of the block are similar to the format of Figures C, D, E, and F from the Lab 7 Exercises. The sides of the block model show which units are exposed at the surface, as well as the stratigraphy (i.e., layers of rock and their orientations) o f the subsurface. In addition to the structures described above, your block model must have all of the appropriate symbols, labels, and colours as defined in the legend, as well as a north arrow. Remember to draw arrows to indicate the sense of movement on the fault, and be dding symbols to show dip direction in plan view. Draw, colour, and label your block model carefully, as neatness will be considered in your overall score. Submit a clear, legible photograph or scan of your flattened completed block model (9 points total). Summary questions (11 points total) : Record your answers to these questions in a Word document. 1. What evidence of deformation do you see in the block model? Describe as completely as possible any structures that you see. (1 point) 3 2. Hypothesize whether compressional, tensional, or shear stress might be responsible for the deformation that you observe. Remember that more than one type of stress may be responsible for the structures you observe! (1 point) 3. Write a point -form geo logical history for this map area, using your map codes to link your written history to the units on your block model (9 points) . Clearly indicate the order of your geological history by adding labels for the oldest and youngest events. Your history must c apture all of the events that lead up to the present -day configuration of the geology you drew. For each map unit: a. Specify when and how the unit formed; b. Suggest a possible depositional environment; c. Mention the energy level (high, moderate, low) in the depositional environment if applicable. PART 2 (13 points) Examine the geological map below. Assume all map units represent sedimentary strata, except the Devonian granite (D) and the Jurassic dyke (J). The symbols for bedding on this map are like those in Part 1: the short tick on the symbol indicates the dip dir ection. Answer questions 4 to 8 based on this map, and record your answers to these questions in a Word document. 4 4. What type of fault is fault U? (1 point) 5. Examine fault V. a. What type of fault is fault V? What is your evidence for this? (2 po ints) b. Using the principles of stratigraphy, constrain the age of fault V as tightly as possible given the relationships and ages shown on the map. In other words, describe the fault as being older than ______ and younger than ______. (2 points) 6. Examine the map unit labelled “X”. Based on the map pattern and on the stratigraphy in this area, what is the age of the unit labelled as “X”? (1 point) 5 7. Complete the table below to record the dip direction of the following features on the map (4 points ): Map unit Dip direction (ordinal / cardinal direction) Permian and Triassic sedimentary strata Ordovician sedimentary strata exposed in the northern part of the map Ordovician sedimentary strata exposed in the central part of the map (focus on the unit just north of the dip magnitude label associated with Fault U) Fault V 8. Examine the Cambrian, Ordovician, and Silurian strata: a. Name the geological structure( s) formed by these units. (1 point) b. State two pieces of evidence from the map that support your interpretation in the question above. (2 points) **End of Formally Assigned Project Questions** Bonus Questions (5 extra points available): A. List and explain three ways that a geoscientist might be able to contribute to the development of our world in the future (3 points). B. What is your favourite mineral that was covered in this course? What are its diagnostic properties? (2 points). Ma ke sure that you submit all of your work to the assignment drop box on Blackboard by 5:00 PM on Thursday, December 9!

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